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Serge Langis Basketball Coaching Profile


Welcome to Coach Langis' online basketball coaching profile website. This is where you will find everything from how his journey into the coaching world began to what drives him to be the best he can be and his coaching experiences.

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My Story

"Coaching is to serve others in order to help them be the best version of themselves!"- Serge Langis

From a very young age, I fell in love with sport. At first it was baseball and hockey. But really, I just loved playing whatever it was at any time on any day. I remember seeking advice as much as I could on how to get better. I remember being frustrated because I could never find myself a passionate coach that would take me under his wing and push me. I had very good coaches along the way but none really pushed me like I needed to be pushed. Once the season ended, that was it, I would never hear of my coach again until the next season. It is that part of my history that drives me still today.
I was 14 years old when I began to play basketball. I played high school level in the top league of my province and could have played afterward I am most certain of that. But I had stumbled upon coaching the game by that stage in my life. At first, it was to simply give back to the school that first introduced me to the sport. In my mind, I was going to help out for a season or two and focus on my studies afterward as I would be in my third year university. But my personal history came rushing back to me the second I saw the young hungry to learn eyes staring back at me. My drive to serve them as best I could began! I was 19 years old.

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Growth Mindset

"You either Win or you Learn!"

In any basketball season, things can go very well or things can go very wrong. Obviously it is everyone's intention and expectation to have things go well all the time. This is simply not reality. Things happened and must be dealt with. For me, it is always about process. It is important to keep the big picture in mind when it comes to competing and improving. It is important to have a very disciplined focus on personal improvement on a daily level. To include others in that process is critical. Stay balanced in the mind is essential to a growth mindset. That is, to not get to high on the highs and not too low on the lows. I want to win just as much as anybody out there. But my drive to learn is what keeps things always in perspective. This is my philosophical approach to coaching and leading!

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There are three rules to my leadership style and mindset. You will notice that none of my rules mention gathering followers. To me, if the three rules are done well on a daily basis, the followers naturally come along.

#1- Lead Yourself First

For me, a leader will always lead by example first. They will set the bar for themselves and live everyday in the light with which they wish to inspire others.

#2  Know when to Follow

Micro managing or having a strict dictatorship is not my style at all. I am constantly looking to empower the people around me and delegate as much as I can so they can develop their leadership skills as well. All of that, of course, is based on their skill set while safeguarding the cultural edge we seek to establish and build upon.

#3 Be an energy giver

Being a leader is a very lonely world. Everything falls on the leader's shoulders. Regardless, the leader needs to be certain that the energy they transmit to others is positive. This is easier said than done especially when things are not going well. But when positive vibes are sustained by the leader, the people around that energy eventually rise to the challenge and the ship does get righted.

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Serge C. Langis

506-380-2255 (cell)

Twitter- @langis3

NCCP Certification: (CC#: 671962)

Level 3 Technical & Theory

Coaching Experience: (30 Years)                                                                                 Accomplishments

2023                                    Bathurst Bears                                                                     League folded at midway of                                                          East Coast Basketball League                                           the first season

                                             Head Coach


2021- 2022                           Mount Allison Mounties 

                                              Men's Basketball

                                              Advanced Scouting and Advisor


2018                                      Bloomington Flex                                                             China Tour 2018- Record of 5-3

                                               Bloomington Illinois

                                               Head Coach

2016-2018                           Kitchener-Waterloo Titans                                              #1 Rated Defensive Team (2016-                                                      National Basketball League of Canada                         2017)

                                              Head Coach and GM of Basketball Operations            Playoffs 2016- 2017


2014- 2016                           Moncton Miracles                                                              Coach of the Month- December                                                    National Basketball League of Canada                         (2014)

                                               Head Coach and Director of Basketball Operations    League leading offense (2015-


                                                                                                                                              Playoffs (2014-2015)


2011-2014                            Moncton Miracles                                                              League quarter-finals (2014)

                                              National Basketball League of Canada                        League semi-finals (2013)

                                              Assistant Coach / Interim Head Coach                         Coached League MVP and ROY

                                              Assistant General Manager                                               (2013)

2009-2011                            Crandall University                                                             Playoffs- 2010, 2011 

                                              Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada                                              

                                              Head Coach Men’s Team                                                   


2004-2009                            Canada Basketball Centre for Performance

                                               Atlantic Region                                                                     Players invited to National Team

                                               Head Coach Atlantic Region (2006-2009 )                      tryouts.

                                               Assistant Coach Atlantic Region (2005-2006)

                                               Apprentice Coach Atlantic Region (2004-2005)

Other Coaching Experience and Qualifications

-       Competent with Krossover and Synergy Film Breakdown Software      

-       Bachelor of Arts (Education) -University of Maine at Presque Isle (2002)

-       Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) - St. Thomas University (2001)

-       Basketball New Brunswick Elite Camp Lead Coach (2005-2012)

-       Basketball New Brunswick Coaching Award (2014)

-       New Brunswick School Teacher for 15 years

-       Numerous Coaching Conferences attended over the past 25 years

-       Leadership Development Programme for School Administrators

-       NBIAA Coaching Course completed (2011)

-       Co-Owner and Lead Instructor of Sweat Academy Player Development Inc.

-       Co-Owner and President of Sweat Tech. Incorporated

-       Interviewed for the Algerian Men's National Team (2019)

-       Interviewed for the Pheonix Basketball Club in the Republic of Benin (2020)

-       Fully Bilingual in French and English

References: (contact info divulged upon request)


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Offensive and Defensive Philosophies

This section will give you a good idea of how I try to set my teams up for success so far as how they look on the court is concerned.



-  Offensive System: RULES OFFENSE (Pace and Space)

-  Pace of Play: My teams run and push the pace every chance we get.

-  Offensive System: RULES OFFENSE

-  My teams use quick hitters and these plays are designed to free up our best offensive options.

-  I believe in spacing the floor.  All players must, at the very least, be a shooting or passing threat.

- We look to create long closeouts through our pace of play and ball movement. I am not big on ISO ball but it does have it's place in short clock situations.

-  Get to the foul line first in every quarter, and then get there often.



-  Defensive System: GRIT AND GRIND

-  Everyone must be willing to sacrifice their body (rebounding, winning 50/50 battles and charge culture)

-  My defenses are mixed throughout the game. And we do have unique trapping / double teaming schemes.

- We will have several different ways to defend the pick and roll. These different ways are dependant on where the ball screen is being set, who is the ball handler and what is our time and score situation.

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Player Development

Sweat Academy Player Development Inc.

Home: Services

The Academy is about pushing outside the comfort zone

All our players have individualized development plans and this is our philosophical backbone

We conduct a number of camps that run over the span of several weeks and are two to three times per week. We do not take the week long format. We have had very good results taking this approach over the years.

Quality over Quantity or Difficulty

What we offer

Skills and Drills Camp for U12
High School Season Prep Camp
Summer Team Prep Camp
Training Team (College and Pro Players)

The Future for our Company and our Players

Innovative- We are always looking to improve how we train our athletes. Staying current and ensuring we are game real relevant is the backbone of the academy.

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How to reach me

Edmundston, NB, Canada


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